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Last night's Scott McClellan's interview with Bill O'Reilly had to be the worst ever. It was more of a hit job, or a stern lecture from Bill O'Reilly, than it was an interview. O'Reilly seemed more concerned with George W. Bush's reputation, and Scott giving information to the dreaded NBC and the Bush haters, as he called them. Scott McClellan went toe to toe with the mighty mouth, because O'Reilly did not know the facts. Bill used that "everyone knew he had WMD line" but that talking point was debunked several years ago, because contrary evidence was ignored. O'Reilly tried to clobber Scott for saying Karl Rowe leaked the identity of Valerie Plame. Karl Rove did leak Valerie's name twice; once to Bob Novak, and then to a Newsweek reporter. The fact that Richard Armitage was the first leaker does not let Rove off the hook, because he leaked the name to other sources. Evidently Karl Rowe lied to the president, and Congress wants to hear more. Later OReilly summoned blogger Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams to back up his talking points. The showed ended with the body language expert, praising Scott McClellan for standing up to the mighty one, Bill O'Reilly…..LOL

To my surprise, Jon Stewart got more out of Scott McClellan than Keith Olbermann, Bill O'Reilly, and Anderson Cooper. Jon Stewart separated a well intended talking point from an outright lie. John said if the president said he wanted to let the people decide, but intentionally left out contrary points of view, then that was an error of omission and an outright lie.

I still see Scott McClellan as a weasel for giving the press propaganda on a serious topic like Iraq. I do see the premise of his book. Scott is trying to make amends and deliver an important message. Scott is taking a strong stand against the politics of a permanent campaign. Whoever wins in November should reach across party lines and compromise on the serious problems of the immediate future. Scott only made $75,000 in advance for writing this book (paltry by today's standards) and he has promised to give some of the proceeds to the families of  the fallen veterans of The Iraq war. He debunked the ghost writer conspiracy by backing up every statement in the book.