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On military matters, I usually give John McCain the benefit of the doubt, because he is a true American hero, and I would never question his support for the troops.  He has tested my beliefs, recently.  When the senator was asked if he had an estimate for when the US troops might leave Iraq he said “No, that's not too important” he went onto say "what's important is casualties in Iraq.”  Giving McCain the benefit of the doubt still does not explain why, third or forth tours are not that important. It is to the troops and their families.  That comparison to South Korea and Germany is not resonating with me.  This is the Middle East or the sandbox as the soldiers call it,is not a place where a soldier can roam Baghdad unharmed.  Religion does not play a big role, when there is violence in South Korea or Germany.  Ten casualties this month this month, with four to be identified, and when we withdraw is not important?

Perhaps Senator McCain is not being up front with us by giving us the larger picture.  Are the troops in full force, because we are planning to attack Iran, if Obama wins the November election?  Are they pulling out all stops to preserve the Bush -McCain legacy?  Is it to man the proposed 60 new bases?

McCain said we ought to wait until July, when General Petraeus’s report comes out to see where we go from there. I don’t see a political reconciliation in one month. It will be a carbon copy of the others. Give us six more months.  He keeps saying the surge is working, but we always knew if we send more troops and got more Iraqi troops trained, and in the field the violence would go down. It’s that second part, political reconciliation that we need to get to.  The military victories have not taken the Sunni and Shia to the table.

McCain continues to say Obama is waving the flag of surrender, by wanting to start the responsible withdrawal when he gets into office.  If victory is really just around the corner; I'm sure any president would allow that to happen.  McCain predicts gloom and doom him if we choose a timetable for withdraw, but he is also the one that predicted that we would be greeted as liberators, and it would be a short successful war. Only thing we know for sure is that there is no is no truth certain either way.