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The Supreme Court recently ruled that the prisoners at Guantánamo Bay can have the opportunity to challenge the accusations in a court of law.  The court restored the centuries-old habeas corpus.  The court did not say that United States could not hold the prisoners indefinitely.

This ruling angered the president, John McCain and several other conservatives.  In fact John McCain and Lindsey Graham are going to introduce legislation to establish a national security court, because they are afraid of the justice system we have in place.  Newt Gingrich said we will lose an American city because of the ruling.  John McCain's anger at the decision does not make any sense, because he wants to close Guantánamo Bay.

I know the administration does not want the tortured prisoners to tell their story.  They  should just kill them rather than make a mockery out of the justice system.  Some of the prisoners have plead guilty and asked for the death penalty.  We also know that a few the prisoners were found to be innocent.

The court also ruled that American citizens have the right to habeas corpus,when they are in government detention, no matter where they are detained, and how they are labeled.  This overturned the president's “international authority” as a way to deny habeas corpus to American citizens abroad.

I was astonished to learn that Supreme Court justices Roberts, Alito,Thomas, and Scalia voted against giving the detainees the right to be heard, because it would somehow weaken us.  Their job is to interpret the Constitution not help the administration circumvent it.