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Barack Obama recently denounced and rejected the controversial Louis Farrakhan, but when John McCain was endorsed by the war mongering televangelist, San Antonio's pastor John Hagee, not much was said. Pastor Hagee continues to knock the Catholic Church, but John McCain neither denounced or rejected him

When right wing flamethrower, Bill Cunningham, made his one claim to fame by repeating the words Barack Hussein Obama several times, John McCain did denounce it but only to the press after he made his speech and his audience were nowhere in sight. The far right wing hacks say it's only Obama middle name known full well; It is an attempt to drive a wedge between the popular Democratic candidate and the Jewish community.

Skirting the issue is a well-known tactic in trying to get one point across without seeming to be bigoted or racist. Local posters will begin a sentence with, " I am not a racist, but…".. Are they asking for permission to post racist views? Do they actually think just because they insert "I am not a racist." at the start of their sentence, It gives them a license to continue? Of course, illegal immigration is a prime example. The poster will start with undocumented, one-sided, rants, then they will say, how can I be a racist? They go on say"My best friend is Mexican-American."

Several female posters have said that they would never vote for a presidential candidate, based solely on gender. Why not? When the males do, it's accepted practice. Several Republican posters have indicated Hillary does not have the qualifications to be a president. Democrats think so, actually, Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have the qualifications. Anyone who voted for George W. Bush two times certainly does not have the credibility to say, Hillary Clinton does not have the qualifications to be president. When will a woman be a Republican presidential nominee? Condi Rice is not that person, because her opposition would wrap the failures of the George W. Bush administration, around her. They would ask her, what you think." Bin Laden determined to attack the US." mean ,since you ignored that memo.?

Several have suggested that the choice for president; is like voting for the lesser of two evils. I understand how they feel, because I have not voted for any one in the 14th District congressional race in a long time. I will bypass the choice again this year. Not too much difference between the candidates.

Today's Houston Chronicles stated because of the large turnout expected Tuesday , they might have to revert to paper ballots, because they are running out of the voting machines. That myth that Americans do not vote can be put to rest.