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Super delegates, committed delegates, reseating delegates for Florida and Michigan and a do over for Florida and Michigan.  I can imagine John McCain and the Republican’s enjoying this fiasco. On the plus side,it  keeps the Democrats in the limelight.

Almost threw up my supper yesterday, as I was watching Florida’s governor Charlie Crist make his plea for a do over in Florida with the DNC paying. Republican governor Charlie Crist told Chris Matthews that he wanted his Democrats to have a voice in the process. Please, it gives the Republicans what they want ;the Democrats in disarray, and Hillary Clinton.  Of course, $28 million from the DNC would mean less money the Dem’s  have to spend on advertising or supporting other congressional seats.  It was the Republican dominated legislators (along with some willing Dem’s) that moved up date of their primary against the DNC’s wishes.

I think, Hillary Clinton crossed that proverbial line, by insinuating that Barack Obama is not ready to pick up that phone at 3 a.m. What if she gets the nomination and the DNC forces her to choose Barack Obama  as her running mate? The Republicans will have a field day, saying " If something happens to Hillary ,Obama cannot stand up to the plate." Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said the Obama camp was using Ken Starr tactics, asking for Hillary’s tax returns. Not sure it is wise to remind people of the Ken Starr investigations?

After the 11th straight victories, it looks to me like  Barack Obama went into a rope a dope mode leaving the Clinton challenges unanswered.  In Ohio ,Hillary used the”I I feel your pain” and Barack Obama gave his usual hope speech.  I think Barack Obama will learn from this, and will do more substantive speeches from now on.

Will Hillary Clinton going negative weaken Barack Obama or make him stronger for the inevitable GOP smear machine?  Are the negative attacks by Hillary Clinton’s just a warm-up for the general election?Barack Obama has run a positive campaign, and it would be out of his character to go negative. Baraka Obama might lose his supporters,if  he changed his tactics, but if he could find a willing surrogate.

On the positive side, Hillary Clinton raised $5 million in 24 hours and 25 million for the month. Barack Obama raised a whopping $55 million last month. Compare that to John McCain’s $12 million last month. Enthusiasm and money is still with the Democrats,but a brokered convention just might turn all the new voters away.  What a waste that would be.