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Even Houston Rocket Shane Battier said it was the worst team to ever go 21-0.

Well, perhaps he's right but 22-0 is something to be proud of.


Since I cannot buy a Houston Chronicle in Victoria, anymore, I have to rely on Houston for more Rocket news.  Can you imagine city of 70,000 and the Sunday Houston Chronicle is nowhere to be found?


Sunday's win against the Lakers was awesome, but the ABC announcers kept pointing to the Lakers not being at full strength….. Yao Ming is more of a loss to the Houston Rockets than the players the Lakers were missing. How many times did they say about Houston's upcoming schedule, and they are just three loses from being out of the playoffs?


I tuned in to ESPN's "Mike and Mike in the morning”,but they led off with Denver scoring 168 points, finally saying, " We must give some credit to the Houston Rockets win over the LA Lakers extending their winning streak" in fact, one of the Mikes said.  "If it was San Antonio, LA.Utah or Phoenix, we will be talking about them being the team to beat for the championship."


Just keep winning Houston Rockets.