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What do we have to show for a five year occupation of Iraq?

We have lost nearly 4000 American lives.

Our military readiness is at an all-time low, with the sacrifice of our troops ,some making their third or fourth tour.

We are pouring in $12 billion a month into Iraq just to try to curb the violence and instability, that has pushed the price of oil to all-time highs.

We have the world’s largest embassy, built by a corrupt company from Kuwait. 

We have KBR getting a no-bid contract; then moving their corporate headquarters to the Cayman Islands to avoid paying employee payroll taxes, and corporate taxes.

What’s the solution?  It is certainly not Vice President Dick Cheney and Senator John McCain assuring the Iraqis that we will be there for long haul. Now the Iraqis will not be in any hurry for political reconciliation or strengthening their police and military.  They can continue to squander their oil revenues, while we use our money to repair their infrastructures, repair the utilities, and sacrifice the blood of our troops for their security.

I am for a safe and timely withdrawal (up to a year) even though some military leaders are saying we are just around the corner from success.  How long have they been telling us this?

John McCain says a withdraw will certainly bring on a bloody massacre. However , that is not a truth certain. We cannot afford to remain there forever, and leaving 10 years from now, is not an assurance that Iraq would not erupt after our troops left.