Blogs » Politcs Plus » The retired Rev. Jeremiah Wright is not on the 08 Democratic ballot


Now that New Mexico Democratic Governor Bill Richardson has endorsed Barack Obama, it is now time for Democrats to accept Mr. Obama  as the inevitable Democratic nominee.  Hillary Clinton's cannot win the delegate or popular vote, so Bill Richardson's endorsement will likely sway most of the superdelegates to accept the winner of the popular and delegate vote.  Remember he is a great negotiator.


I am puzzled as to why the right wing did not use Rev. Jeremiah Wright's trip to Tripoli with Farrakhan to visit Muammar Qaddafi, to denounce the reverend for un-American activities. Well it did happen in 1984, before Barack Obama joined Trinity United ,so they could not use it  to try to hurt Mr. Obama chances in the presidential race. So Rev Wright is not the real target.


The Rev Jeremiah Wright's YouTube clip is like a Christmas present in March, to the right wing. Note the Obama thread is only updated by right wingers trying to make a case that most black people are bigots(well it was that way, the last time I looked).  They do seem to think they now have a license to post racist statements , that they been holding back for years.  The thread will now be used for Obama bashing.  Fox news is the biggest benefactor, Bill O'Reilly devoted a full hour to it,and I am sure Hannity and Colmes will top that.  The disappointed Chris Wallace called into Fox and Friends to voice his displeasure over the two hour Obama bashing. In full disclosure, some of the left say that was a ploy to get Obama to go on Fox news Sunday(the Obama camp did acknowledge Wallace).Other networks have devoted time to this issue, but not with the passion of Fox.


Barack Obama has legitimate issues like his association with real estate developer Mr. Rezko,but the right wing wants to concentrate only on the white voters, they desperately need to win this election. This issue will not go away and current polls show  Obama's being hurt by this. Last week's Hillary Clinton and John McCain gaffes were ignored by the media because of this issue. If Hillary were to concede ,the Democratic Party could rally behind Barack Obama ;making this issue less important to the Democratic and independent voters.


Chris Matthews asked Obama supporters Republican Susan Eisenhower (Ike's great granddaughter) and conservative(former GOP) Lincoln  Chaffe ,if the fact that Obama went to that church for 20 years changed their minds. They said absolutely not.