Blogs » Politcs Plus » Barack Obama is like an old Timex watch


They keep pounding on him, and he keeps on ticking.

First Barack Obama was not black enough,no experience, a Muslim taught in madrasa schools (a chain letter to prove it), pictures of him not placing his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance, when it actually was the national anthem. Hysteria broke out at and a local blogger cut and pasted it into his blog. Barack Obama had to dispel  the rumors in a national debate. He denounced and rejected the teachings of Louis Farrakhan in another national debate.  Imagine that in a sophisticated country, such as ours.

Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly take credit for exposing the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. ABC also takes the credit but I will let them sort that out. Two snippets, of  controversial statements made by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright were found and used to discredit Barack Obama’s thought process for remaining a member in that church. Gloom and doom was predicted, but Obama gave the best speech, I have ever heard on race. The speech had over a million hits on YouTube. Recent daily Gallup polls show Barack Obama moving ahead of Hillary Clinton, so for now, the controversy is behind him. Since John McCain is using the swiftboaters and other Rove hit machines ,I am sure this will resurface.The Democrats will probably counter with that George Bush hug and title it “Vote John McCain and get a third George Bush term”

Hillary Clinton gave an interview to the far right conservative newspaper Pittsburgh Tribunal Review ,where she told them ,that if her pastor had made those remarks,while she was in attendance, she would have left that church that very day. Well, Obama was in Miami that time.  Of course Hillary was trying to deflect the bad press coverage of her Bosnia trip lies. Must most of the pundits saw it this way.  Why was Hillary Clinton giving an interview to the paper that accused her of murdering Vince Foster?

One of the latest right-wing attacks was made by columnist George Putman titled “One Reporters opinion-Obama has a racist agenda.”  Of course this was taken for fact.

The author quotes Dr. Thomas Sowell writing that Barack Obama had  friends that included Marxist professors, structural feminists, punk rock performance poets, as well as more politically active black students. And according to his book, Obama later visited a former member of the Weathermen Terrorists who endorsed him when he ran for state senator in Illinois.  A good part of the article quotes Pat Buchanan as a source.  Oh, that’s one man I would pick for racial harmony.


Still early, because the Democrats have not pick their nominee,but  . Barack Obama has a half a percentage point lead over John McCain. if you average the 6 leading polls.

  It’s early now and these polls do not mean a lot, but it seems to me a Barack Obama just keeps on ticking.