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It's funny, to see how some posters genuinely think that the Jeremiah Wright incident is the worst scandal since Watergate. Some posters have even compared Jeremiah Wright to the KKK ,leaving out some very important facts, Jeremiah Wright, nor have his congregation .burned, bombed, or terrorized white people.They don't even talk about doing that. Some of the posters, crying racism have made much worse racist statements in this forum.Don't make me cut and paste them. In fact they live for this,they will do everything in their power to keep the Jerimiah Wright bashing going.. Nationally, the right-wing activist are trying to paint this charismatic, knowledgeable, Democratic front runner as Al Sharpton. CNN's looks at Fox's ratings (they are leading the charge) so they follow suit. MSNBC also wants a small share of those viewers. Advertisers demand it. The story has made it past Thursday, so the topic will make all the Sunday talk shows. In fact Obama will be the guest of Tim Russert on Meet the Press.

Barack Obama has now convinced 84% of American that he is not a Muslim, but after rejecting and denouncing the rhetoric of Louis Farrakhan, the bar has been raised to include a complete and angry separation from his pastor of 20 years. Then if he gets too angry, he will be portrayed as an angry black man. No one really knows if Barack Obama was a regular churchgoer. They are assuming, because Barack Obama said Jeremiah Wright was his spiritual adviser. Why does anyone need a spiritual adviser?

The American electorate is so fickle, according to Joe Scarborough. He said Hillary Clinton would win the swing states (Ohio and Pennsylvania) because she mentions protecting the second amendment. Think about that. Isn't that what Barack Obama meant in his bitter remark? The middle class, Ohio and Pennsylvania are hurting for jobs, healthcare and education and they think Hillary Clinton is a strong gun rights advocate?She won that state because she drank some shots and pretended to be Annie Oakley?Barack Obama lost because he bowled the 37, told the truth, but did not phrase it properly? And we want to teach the world democracy!

Okay, let's forget about the war in Iraq, our soldiers committing suicide at an alarming rate, the 50 ongoing scandals of the Bush administration, and the issue of global warming, because it is not as sexy as a Jeremiah Wright scandal. Jeremiah Wright has a lecture coming up, so this news event will have the Natalee Holloway coverage all the way to the general election.

I saw little bit of coverage of this tragedy last night on the Verdict with Dan Abrams, since the so called mainstream is not covering it and it goes without saying Fox won't cover it.The jailing of a Democratic governor for political reasons.Did the fact that former Democratic governor of Alabama Don Siegelman went to prison on trumped up charges by Karl Rove and his operatives ,get the lead story? No, now Karl will appear before Congress, if he does not have to take an oath and his testimony cannot be recorded in any fashion. That's the same deal Mr. Rove wanted in the US Attorney scandal. What is it about the oath and and transcripts.

I know, the fact that I am blogging about this makes me just as guilty.Maybe ,but I am not affecting a presidential election, and I am blogging in protest.