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I finally watched the four-part Bill O'Reilly- Hillary Clinton face-offs, because for the most part the so-called left wing media gave it good reviews.  I was disappointed because it was the same old thing, O’Reilly boasting that as a millionaire his taxes would be raised and his insistence that torture works.  Hillary was Hillary, saying what she wanted and how she wanted., The pundits seem to think that she made some inroads with some right wingers ,because by appearing on O’Reilly showed she had guts.  This is the same crowd that likes the toughness of Bill O'Reilly and George W. Bush.  Competence is not high on their list. Say what you mean, and say it often. Just keep it simple

 Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace was a little more interesting. Howard Dean was his guest and I'm sure Chris did not get the results he wanted. Chris Wallace started the interview by asking Howard Dean, why the Democrats were distorting John McCain's 100 years in Iraq remarks. Remember; this is the network that gave the Swift boaters endless coverage, even after the Department of Defense put up John Kerry's medals and the military version of events on their website.  This is the same network that played Obama is a Muslim card and Chris Wallace is complaining about a 527 ad  Yes ,I know what John McCain meant, but  I also know his analogy does not make sense.  First the Sunnis and Shia have been at odds for over a thousand years, and we have no reason to believe that they will resolve their differences anytime soon, so our troops will always be in the middle with a target on their back.  I served in South Korea in 1966, and could actually spend my leave time in the capital city Seoul in my civvies and unarmed.  Since I volunteered, my first choice was Germany (you see how far that got me) because of its closeness to other European countries made it a great tour, if you had to go overseas.  Since Israel remains the big target and Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia remain neighbors; Iraq will always be dangerous duty.

The rest of Fox News Sunday was an attempt to toot their own horn without all the facts.  Chris Wallace, Brit Hume, Bill Kristol and Juan Williams tried to make it appear that the Democrats are clamoring to go on Fox news because it’s number one.  First the Democrats did not debate on Fox, yet they increased their numbers of new Democrats.  Over 27 million primary voters have voted for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama far outnumbering the GOP's voters.  The Democratic primary is at its tail end, so it is now convenient for the Democrats to get the free airtime and possibly get more votes by going on Fox... A gain for both parties because Fox News Sundays trails the other Sunday talk shows in ratings.  Of course, Chris Wallace failed to tell its audience about this spitting contest with MoveOn.Org (527) and the Daily Kos (blog), because the latter convinced the Democratic candidates not to debate on Fox?  This was a big embarrassment for Fox and they are seeking their revenge.  The boycott has ended.  The same can be said for Bill O'Reilly because he is now making a personal; going after the CEO of GE for its ties with Iran (GE severed its ties with Iran in 2005) because he is not willing to go after NBC's Keith Olbermann. The countdown with Keith Olbermann regularly mocks Bill O'Reilly and makes him the “Worse Person of World.” This gets under Billo’s skin because MSNBC will not make Keith stop,

Some posters think I am plugging MSNBC, because I reference a quote or two from that network.  Not so, when I first started posting the editor would always ask us to cite our references, so we would not appear to be plagiarizing and it would give the readers a source to see the full context.  I continue to do that ,because I’ve been using this Ronald Reagan quote for a long time "Trust but verify"