Blogs » Politcs Plus » Some rules for having a civil discussion on illegal immigration.


Of course,this is just my opinion, and  it’s not based on scientific data, nor has it been tried and tested. Only qualifications are my scars for doing battle on this subject for many years. If you were raised in the South Texas area you already have a working  knowledge of the subject .I did read the entire comprehension immigration reform bill that was not passed.


(1)   Bring your bias, personality, and agenda but most importantly bring the truth.  If it’s the ethnic landscape,you are concerned with;say so.

(2)   Limit your personal stories, because just about everyone has one ,after a while this becomes counterproductive.         

(3)   If you go to bring out the problem offer a solution.

(4)   No slogans please

(5)   Dust off your old your high school economics book, because it will come in handy .

(6)   Offer studies, media stories, and documentation to back up your claims.

(7)   Be aware what’s in the comprehension reform bill because it has already addressed many problems that are in question.

(8)     Leave out the Constitutional issues such as the 14th amendment because this issue stands alone and is not easy to amend

(9)   Unless you’re prepared to define asimulation for every county in United States this also might be a stand-alone description.

(10)labels and name-calling are always counterproductive.


Add your rules .