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Barack Obama is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. When NBC's Tim Russert calls a primary for Barack Obama,its over. You can use the Clinton matrix and count the, Florida and Michigan votes and delegates but mathematically Barack Obama still wins. Obama's 14 point North Carolina win, negated Hillary's Pennsylvania win and her two point squeaker in Indianapolis is too little too late. Can you imagine her asking the money people for more cash?

It's my guess, back room deals are being made as we speak, like taking on the Clinton campaign debt, seating the Florida and Michigan delegates, hiring some of Clinton's staff.and possibly considering a Clinton supporter for vice president. Hillary will continue campaigning in West Virginia and Kentucky, but will tone down her anti-Obama rhetoric. Hillary is expected to win West Virginia and Kentucky, where she will bow out graciously, in the next two weeks with pride left intact. Hillary fought the good fight, now she can take some time off, and comeback to use all that energy to make Barack Obama the next president of the United States.

Barack Obama weathered a bad month of setbacks, but unfortunately 33% to 35% of Hillary supporters say they will vote for John McCain, if she is the not the nominee. Four months is forever, in a presidential campaign plenty of time, for the Obama charm, to unite the Democratic party.

The GOP is going to tailor their ads on issues like Jeremiah Wright, elitism and Bill Ayers, because what else can they run on. John McCain is obviously weak on economics, and that was the number one issue in the primaries. Running on the policies of George W. Bush is an albatross around McCain's neck that he won't be able to shake without upsetting his base.Didn't take long ,this morning Fox and Friend's Steve Doocey rolled out (William Ayers standing on the flag)linking it to Barack Obama's 1995 association on a charity board with Ayers.And Fox wonders why the Democrats boycott them. They don't even pretend to be "Fair and Balanced."

Barack Obama will continue the formalities of campaign stumps, but that back room is thinking about vice presidential choices, like John Edwards, Sam Nunn, Bill Richardson, and Ed Rendell.

Oh,happy days are here again.