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Finally, Republicans and Democrats are listening to the voters. James Carville famously said, "It's the economy stupid." Americans tuned out the far left views of Dennis Kucinich (big government giveaways) and the far out solutions of Ron Paul.  Voters turned up in record numbers, because they know this election is very important. They tuned out the gimmick of a gas tax holiday; because they know pandering is not a solution. It was reassuring when the voters of North Carolina and Indiana did not think the Jeremiah Wright issue was important enough not to vote for Barack Obama, now West Virginia, needs some help in that area. Perhaps Barack Obama will plant, Bill and Hillary in that state.

The Democrats have picked up three consecutive conservative House seats, not because the Democratic Party is so great, it's because when the GOP was in power that did not provide the solutions. The Democrats are merely renting that congressional district. I heard Ed Rowlings and Pat Buchanan say that the Republican Party needs to focus on the needs of middle-class down, rather than talk about a capital gains tax, or they will be trounced in November. They can still stick to the smaller government, cut spending, and defense funding platform of old without losing voters. The voters do not want to hear what we are going to do for the corporations; rather what we can do for the middle class.

This election not about liberals, conservatives, Democrats or Republicans, because 82% of Americans think this country is going in the wrong direction, so that dissatisfaction runs across party and ideological lines. This new multicultural country is a mixture of thoughts, beliefs and voting preferences. When this election is over; that blue state/ red state map will have to be modified because most of it will be colored purple.Our Representatives will not be able to hide behind party or ideology;they will have to actually listen to all the people and come up with a solution.