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 I have been wanting pundits to do their job;make Republicans and Democrats tell the truth, If they don't, call them on it. Kevin James is a right wing talk show radio host from Los Angeles,obviously,using Republican talking points instead of facts when Chris Matthews kept asking him what the Neville Chamberlain reference was about in the president's speech.Kevin James finally admitted he did not know. Please go to UTUBE, and look at this vid clip, because it will remind you of some of the local posters who have their blogosphere labels down pat, but they offer very little substance. Sounds good to the low information reader, but this election is showing a well-informed voter, who will not fall for the usual fear and smear politics.

White House spokesman Dan Perino has said the president was not talking about Barack Obama when he invoked Nazis and the actions of Neville Chamberlain into a 60 year anniversary of the founding of Israel speech. If anyone believes that, I have the Guadalupe River bridge I will sell them pretty cheap. This tactic backfired, especially since the Defense Department's Robert Gates is having diplomatic talks with Iran as we speak. This tactic was meant for the Evangelical end-time prophecy Christians(Pastor Joghn Hagee) and, to cause skepticism among the Jewish voters, who usually vote for Democrats.

Yesterday, John McCain jumped on the bandwagon saying pretty much the same thing,the president was implying. Thanks to this 24/7 news cycle a  two year old news clip appeared;showing John McCain bashing the Bush administration, saying we should have meaningful talks with Hamas. Yet,another flip-flop Mr. McCain.If you remember in the debates,Barack Obama said talks with Hezbollah and Hamas would not begin ,until they seized their terrorist ways, and recognized Israel.

The Republican Party thought Obama was easy prey, since he's relatively new on the national scene. Take notice Barack Obama is the only major candidate that has not gone broke, and his campaign will not be swift boated, as you can see by his instant response. This man has shown to be a quick learner,a quality; I what in the next president of the United States.