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In this information age, an amateur poster can claim to be a historian, climatologist, or a political guru by citing as a reference.

I've noticed a few posters are saying we don't have a viable candidate running for president. Do they really mean, it's not who they would have chosen? 75,000 people showed up at a hot and sultry weekend rally for Barack Obama. Can we convince the people of Oregon who went to that rally, that we don't have a good candidate running for the office? Perhaps they know that we have a democracy, not a dictatorship. The president is just one human being who will have to convince congress that his course of action is the right one. It's all about the message and the messenger.

Global warming discussions often end as political disagreements. I like to break down the subject in the smaller workable pieces. Is the polar bear becoming extinct? Recently, our government, put the polar bear on the endangered species list. Is the government in on the conspiracy or just being incompetent? Is the warmer Arctic water causing the polar bears to swim longer distances for their food? Is the warmer Arctic waters, causing some of the bears prey to move to cooler waters? Are the glaciers melting? Can you look someone in the eye and say for certain Al Gore is benefiting from a hoax, and completely dismiss the fact that oil companies want reports of man-made warming to disappear?

We have two presidential candidates with sincere and different opinions on foreign policy. John McCain wants us to believe that the present policy is working, but needs a little more time, and we will benefit by his approach. Mr. Obama believes that McCain's has a failed policy of the past, and we should use more carrots and sticks to achieve our objective, rather than constant war. Mr. McCain has an excellent foreign policy resume, but in our system of government the voters will choose the message and the messenger.

I do find it ironic that those that engage in keyboard wars of the forum take their complaint to the Victoria Advocate claiming "Everyone is out of step but Willy." If we were all in agreement, would there be a need for a forum?