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No, not as John McCain running mate, because even though they were once good friends, these two Vietnam War veterans are different as night and day on foreign policy. Chuck Hagel has been a thorn in George W. Bush and John McCain side because of their stance on the Iraq war.  Chuck Hagel blasted McCain recently for his rhetoric on diplomacy, and exaggerating Barack Obama’s foreign policy stance.

Chuck Hagel is a conservative Republican senator from Nebraska.  He currently sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but he will not run for his Senate reelection.  Ronald Reagan made Chuck Hagel the deputy administrator of the Veterans Administration.  He resigned that position because the director of the Veterans Administration was intent on cutting funds for the VA. Chuck Hagel is a man of principle.  When a reporter asked Mr. Hagel about the rumors of Bush going to war with Iran, the maverick Republican said “We have the power of impeachment, impeach him."

Barack Obama does not need a yes man, nor does he need another co president.  This man of principle will tell it like it is, and not how Mr. Obama wants to hear it ,or as much as he thinks Obama can process. Chuck Hagel has the stature to convince other Republicans to give Barack Obama a fighting chance.

Chuck Hagel is the  cofounder of  Vanguard Cellular ,so  he could be helpful on domestic and foreign affairs.

I'm still in favor of Barack Obama adding other prominent Republicans to his administration, as the first step in finding bipartisan solutions to the very serious problems we will be facing.  Hillary Clinton could have passed a health care plan a long time ago, but she kept insisting on her plan without input from others.  Keeping Republicans and Democrats away from the decision table made it easy for the lobbyist to use all their resources to kill her healthcare bill.

Want to stay in the party and set up the next president.  I wish the Democrats would consider Jim Webb a Republican turned Democrat, Senator from Virginia.

Change is about new ideas and new players.