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The Democratic Party should take a lesson from John’s McCain’s concession speech last night. Just because the Democrats have the numbers to ram any partisan agenda through; they must remember last night's win was day one in the race for congressional seats in two years.Virginia, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are still purple states.

A historical night for obvious reasons but it also put many issues and way of doing politics to rest. First time in about 58 years since a Dole, Bush, or Clinton has not been on a presidential ticket…That era is gone…Last night was the third straight time a Vietnam Veteran has gone down in defeat…Perhaps we will stop fighting that war…The Rovian (dirty politics) did not work…A lesson learned, I hope..We now know an African –American or a woman can be elected to the highest office in the land….About time…As I viewed the large crowds at Grant Park (Chicago), New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta it represented a broad spectrum of races celebrating as one. Last but not least the Third Party candidates did not make an impact at all….Is this good or bad?

The exit polls all pointed to George W. Bush as the major reason John McCain lost but I don’t think the voters noticed the tremendous ground game of the Barck Obama campaign. This model of using the internet and for the most part staying on a positive message with limited attacks served Barack Obama well. A pundit said Barack Obama must have used more than 10 million words and his only mistake was the “bitter “comment…Remarkable.

I hope Obama replaces the Attorney General,CIA Director, Secretary of State,FBI Director,SEC Chairman, Treasury Secretary ,gut the Patriot Act, and close down Gitmo but most of all get our troops out of Iraq in a safe and responsible way.