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It’s entertaining to see and hear the last remaining social conservatives spin Obama’s victory as being gloom and doom. The 56% who voted for Obama were dead wrong. This must be the group that clings to the issues of the past.

Bill O’Reilly had Dick Morris and Karl Rove as his guest for their expert right-wing spin on the election results. Why? They were both wrong every step of the way up until Ohio went for Obama. If the GOP wants to keep losing seats, these are the people to turn to.

Sean Hannity was stunned when General Franks did not agree with him when he said “Obama will be bad for our troops.” General Franks actually served, so he knows the military will fall in line with the new commander-in-chief without missing a beat. The general knows the constitution gives the civilians authority over the military on foreign policy.

The outgoing McCain camp is not leaving any prisoners. They are speaking freely to the press about Sarah Palin and the failures of the campaign.

From todays “Good Morning Joe.”

1)      Sarah Palin lacked a degree of knowledgeability to be a worthy candidate. For example, she did not know Africa was a continent…My grandchildren know that

2)      She could not name the countries inside NAFTA.

3)      Newsweek reported than the Palin clan spent thousands more than what was reported such as $40,000 for Todd and the children’s clothes. Did that include the 13 suitcases? Don’t know but it caused a senior McCain staffer to call them “The looting Hillbillies from Wasilla”

4)      McCain rarely spoke to Sarah Palin. He only spoke to her once a week.

5)      McCain assured us that Sarah was suited to be president if need be..How would he know?

6)      Today there is talk that Sarah Palin might resign so the on coming Lt. Governor can appoint her to convicted felon Ted Steven’s senate seat. Ted Stevens (a convicted felon) might win but the senate will probably expunge him.

7)      Was Sarah Palin the most qualified Republican woman to run as a vice presidential candidate? Not by a long shot.


Yesterday’s anti-Obama posts were quite amusing, anything from impeaching a president –elect to standing proud because (as expected )Victoria voted overwhelming for the losing candidate…Small victories.

Want a good chuckle ? Scroll down to the vid clip of last night's Jon Stewart/Chris Wallace interview Vietnam Vet provided.