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Jon Stewart’s “Baracknophobia” [The audacity of fear] is a humorous skit summarizing all the players like Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Dick Morris with their quotes forecasting gloom and doom starting January 20, 2009.  Jon Stewart said “If you think it is bad in America you should see it in Hannity’s America.” …Like the last eight years was a model of governing.

Jon Stewart had Bill O’Reilly as his guest.  In order to calm O’Reilly down, he offered him some cookies, chocolate milk and a small teddy bear, he could pet(which O’Reilly called a panda bear) while they discussed the culture war against Barack Obama.  O’Reilly started with the socialist tag, because Obama was going to raise his taxes.  Stewart fired back with a classic “Since Obama will raise your taxes from 36% to 39%, what part of that 3% is socialists?”

While I was driving around last week I decided to see what Rush Limbaugh was talking about.  He didn’t disappoint. Rush Bag was blaming the president-elect’s for the fall of the stock market, and the coming recession.  Amazing; ‘such powers of the main shock jock.

Since November 4, 2008 we’ve had more threats and Internet postings, of any past presidential elections. In Vay,Idaho; there was a sign on a tree with Obama’s name and an offer of a free public hanging, in North Carolina racist graffiti was found on the tunnel wall close to the North Carolina State university campus, and finally a Maine convenience store had a betting pool called “Osama, Obama shotgun pool” at a dollar per entry for correctly guessing the date the president or the president-elect might fall victim to an assassination.  One local poster wants to have racial harmony in case the unthinkable happens.  If it really was unthinkable, then don’t think about it.

Gun sales have gone up since Obama was elected.  We don’t have any pending second amendment legislation.  We do have a lot of gulliable and paranoid people out there.

Last night’s 60 minute segment with Barack and Michelle Obama had a large audience(25 million) in which he vowed to keep its pledge to bring our troops home back from Iraq, close Guantanamo Bay, and remove torture as an acceptable interrogation method.

If only the naysayers could have taken such interest eight years ago,they would not be surprised when the whistle-blowers come out with their stories on January 21,2009.