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Barack Oma and John McCain will take their questions from the audience in a town hall format.  We have been told this type of debate will favor John McCain...Then again with the polls being where they are and the McCain team losing the first debate and the VP one,all the pressure is on Mr. McCain.


1) Mr. McCain's yesterday's Wall Street Journal stated that cuts($1 trillion) will have to be made on Medicare and Medicaid to pay for your health care plan.  Elaborate

2) Candidates ,can you name the people you have in mind for the Treasury Secretary, SEC chairman and Federal Reserve chairman?

3) Do you have a plan to stop the nine straight months of job losses?

4) Given the instability of the market; is Social Security privation off the table?

5) Name all reforms and regulations that you think is needed for Wall Street. Be specific


Foreign policy

1)What do you think of a policy that would have the United States buy all the poppy grown in Afghanistan and use it for all medical purposes. We could steer the poppy farmers back to `growing grapes,

2) A British commander said we cannot defeat the Taliban with Western forces… If you disagree, tell us why.

3) Should the current financial crisis influence our decisions in Iraq and Afghanistan? If your answer is no, explain....Should all costs go back into the budget?


1) Should we repeal “don't ask don't tell?”