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Overall it was a boring debate except for John McCain’s YouTube moment when the senator ,referring to a Bush/Cheney energy bill that was loaded with goodies for the oil companies,  turned looked at Barack Obama ,pointed at him and said “You know who voted for it…”That one.”I thought for a moment we were back in the 50s.

Throughout the night McCain kept doing his impersonation of a stand-up comic, even thou all his jokes fell flat. At one time he didn’t realize Obama was reeling him in for the kill. Barack Obama led him into a trap by saying “John McCain keeps implying I am green behind the ears, and he is the wise one.” …John McCain stepped up to say “Thank you” only to hear Barack Obama remind the audience it was this wise, experienced and supposedly mature leader that sang a chorus of “Bomb Iran” and called for the annihilation of North Korea.

In my opinion, John McCain did not sell his health care plan as well as Barack Obama but neither candidate had a proposal to help solve our faltering economy right now.

John McCain rolled out his brand new $300 billion plan to buy the riskier mortgages and renegotiate the payments with homeowners; keeping them in their homes. This will lose his conservative base…Right wing radio lit up this morning with “What was McCain thinking?”

Bill Ayers did not come up during the debate...I guess what said on the campaign trail ,stays on the campaign trail.

McCain goal to deem Obama risky or unworthy did not work,but Obama's goal of tying McCain to George Bush seems to be working,

 CNN and CBS polls had Obama winning by a good margin.