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General Colin Powell put another nail in McCain's coffin by strongly endorsing Baraka Obama to be the next president of the United States this morning on “Meet the Press.”

 Is this just another endorsement?  No, because Colin Powell joins Warren Buffet in solidifying Barack Obama's economic and foreign-policy credentials. This endorsement will sway those independent voters who are still undecided.  Colin Powell went onto say Barack Obama is a transformational figure that would electrify the world; although McCain had been a good friend of General Powell for 25 years, McCain's “over the top” negative tone and his choice for vice president disappointed him.

Colin Powell said what I've been saying for several months.  It's not un-American to be a Muslim, do we tell a seven year old Muslim Americans born in Dearborn Michigan then he can never become president? General Powell went onto reference Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan, a Muslim United States soldier who died in Iraq.  Be careful when you stereotype, Barack Obama is a Christian but he has been demonized by the right for having the Arab middle name of Hussein.  The right-wing would like nothing more than the voters to think Barack Obama is another Saddam Hussein.

John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and others said they disagreed with General Powell’s decision but respected it. Fox and friends immediately put out the rumor that Colin Powell's endorsement was a retribution for not being chosen McCain's vice president.  Not to be outdone, Rush Limbaugh is researching to see he can then find any liberal white candidates Colin Powell has endorsed. No telling what Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin will come up with.

Colin Powell criticized the far right agenda of the current GOP. Maybe he saw Representative Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) attacking the patriotism of Barack Obama on MSNBC's Hardball.  This congresswoman said all liberal views are anti-American and suggested a media investigation into the anti-American activities of the United States Congress similar to Senator Joseph McCarthy's discredited House un-American activities committee hearings in the 1950s. This is a John McCain supporter.

The Democratic Party is just too nice, they should have made something of the fact that the Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice contacted John McCain, Barack Obama and Joe Biden regarding the Iraq security agreement but left out Sarah Palin.  The press did get a good chuckle when they question Danna Perino about the omission.

Colin Powell will not campaign for Barack Obama but does it really have to?