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For months I have noticed posters calling Victoria a backward city. I disagreed for the most part until I saw the letters –to the-editor this morning about Barack Obama. This is just a start, more will be coming. The same unsubstantiated lies. I cannot believe we have that many dumb people in Victoria.

I can understand a Republican voting for John McCain or an Independent voting for McCain for his experience or policies.

Think about it, these people actually sign their names and list their city. These low information voters seem to think being a Muslim is a bad thing and Barack Obama is a Muslim. One poster even compared him to Hitler. They are flat wrong on all three counts and so easy to disprove; why can’t they see that? Personally, I think it is bigotry, ignorance or both.

Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill? I don’t think so, because I can imagine a company representative or a new comer reading our opinion column and coming away thinking “this is one dumb city.”Perhaps, that’s why our children and grandchildren don’t want to live here,. This goes far beyond liberal, Democrat, Republican or conservative. How many people want to relocate to Vidor, Texas?

Barack Obama said he can take the next 12 days of attacks but I think people that sent that garbage and signed their names to it, will be remembered.