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Brace yourself or sit back and laugh as John McCain and his surrogates pull out all the stops to try and slow down Barack Obama. The local posters are just is blindly posting material without fact checking. Yea, I know what’s new?

This is a summary from the Washington Post fact checker wrote about the “Redistribution, bombshell.”

With very few exceptions, all American politicians, including both presidential candidates, are in favor of a progressive income tax system and welfare policies (such as Medicare and Social Security) that "redistribute wealth." Barack Obama is more enthusiastic about "spreading the wealth around" than his Republican rival. But that does not make him a "Socialist." The McCain camp is wrong to suggest that the Illinois senator advocated a "wealth redistribution" role for the Supreme Court in his 2001 interview.

Barack Obama was talking about civil rights and the constitution that could not be satisfied by the Supreme Court. He was right.The right wingers have taken this issue completely out of context.


Notice, it’s about birth certificate, redistribution, Marxist, socialist, and Black Liberation but not a peep about the economy. And they wonder why, they are are on their way to being swept. People have access to the fact checking sites and they see these acts of desperation for what they are.

Think about it, what has changed besides poll numbers? We have a tax progression tax system and social programs that have been available forever. ..So has that EITC (40% that do not pay taxes) that the McCain camp keeps talking about....Check it out.