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The social conservatives are jumping for joy, because they have found their voice, in Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin.  The culture war is on, not your 1970's culture war, because this one is more about urban versus rural. Sarah Palin took her first shot last night when she went after Barack Obama for being an elitist equivalent to an empty suit.  She demeaned his first job as a community organizer, and said he wrote two books, but no meaningful legislation.  She gave Joe Biden a pass, but she went after the right-wing bogeyman the mainstream media, and the audience went wild.  No way can John McCain top that tonight. Sarah Palin has a future in the Republican Party. The tirade of attacks she used last night surprised a lot of people, especially since she's only been in national spotlight for five days. She may be the standard-bearer.

The GOP convention has been meeting for three days and the Republican Party has yet to mention how they would try to solve our nation's economic problems.  They say Washington is broken, but they never mention they were the problem, we need to rid ourselves of lobbyists influence, but we could start with several that John McCain has on his campaign team.  The answer for the energy crisis is drill, drill, drill.. John McCain talks about alternative energy, but votes against tax credits for the entrepreneurs that are trying to find new energy sources.

One of John McCain's political strategists Rick Davis said, this election will not be about the issues, but rather about personalities.  I'm not sure John McCain is comfortable in that setting, but it will suit Sarah Palin just fine. Sarah Palin will be comfortable talking about pro-life issues, and will attack Barack Obama’s previous bitter remarks, emphasizing “those that cling to their religion when times are bad.”  She will continue attacking the mainstream media, and will try to lure rural voters by painting the Democratic Party as elitist urbanites out of touch with their values.  It's the only card that have left ;since most blame the Republican Party for the last eight years of domestic and foreign policy disasters. Sarah Palin will run as a reformer, even though she was for lobbyists and pork barrel projects before she was against them.

I have been trying to copy a vid clip of last night’s Jon Stewart , but I did manage to copy this part.

Last night on the Daily Show, host Jon Stewart skewered Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly for claiming Bristol Palin’s pregnancy is “a personal matter,” when last year he pointed the finger of blame at Jamie-Lynn Spears’ parents — “who obviously have little control over her” — and called Spears an “incredible pinhead” when she revealed she was expecting. Stewart joked, “You see what happens with opinions over teen pregnancy is that they gestate over a period of months.”


I hope the American people don't fall for the reformers, and social issue platform.