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The forum discussion titled "Bush was a good commander in chief" was for the most part uninformative and outright hilarious.  The loyal Bushies were in overdrive.

The loyal Bushie’s memory of 9/11 starts on 9/12 after the horrible incident.  They're quick to say "We have not been attacked in the last seven years.”They fail to acknowledge that No principal’s committee meetings on Al Qaida were held until September 4th 2001; or that no action was taken on the August 6, 2001, presidential daily briefing entitled “Bin Laden determined to strike in US."  I have quoted often from the 9/11 Commission Report that stated both administrations were to blame.  Equal blame should be given to the FAA, FBI, CIA, and immigration.

One poster asked for specifics, on how the Bush administration shredded the Constitution.  That’s easy. President Bush signed 750 signed statements according to the Boston Globe, basically giving him the authority to disobey 750 enacted laws.  President Bush was not the first ,nor is the only president to use signing statements, but 750 is the all-time high.  Recently, Congress gave him a “get out of jail free” card by giving the telecoms immunity for the illegal activities they might have committed. Without that immunity the telecoms would have disclosed how the Bush administration circumvented the fourth amendment.  I am pretty sure some high-level Democrats had prior knowledge of this crime, and lobbyist money convinced them to look the other way. Another poster gave the old standard excuse for allowing the Constitution to be ignored.  They said, we would be the first to complain, should we be attacked again.  Not so.  I do not think we should revise the Geneva Convention to include torture, I do not think we should have rounded up 2000 Arab Americans locked them up without a right to see a lawyer, I do not think the preemptive attack on a sovereign nation should be acceptable under any circumstances.  Those talking points won't fly.

One uninformed poster said, we are blaming the Bush administration for going to war.  Not so; the administration still gets high marks for the attack on Afghanistan.  We had the world on our side and the resources to put a severe dent on Al Qaeda.  It was that diversion to Iraq, where we lost our allies, and after the numerous blunders ;lost the confidence of the American people.  On November 2006 the American people let their anger be known by voting out the Republicans who supported this war.  We are still spending $10 billion a month on a war without an exit plan.

A poster said.  “It’s a liberal argument that Iraq didn't do 9/11."  It's not just a liberal argument, it's a historical fact.  Many, many prominent conservatives agree.  Invading Iraq will go down as America's worst foreign-policy blunder.  An understanding of the Islamic extremist movement would be helpful.  Al Qaeda was not in Iraq prior to 9/11, our presence in Iraq drew them there.  Iran did not flex its muscle until after Saddam Hussein was removed.  We cannot eliminate Islamic extremist in all 60 countries solely with the use of the United States military.  We cannot continue to believe that the central front on terror is in Iraq.

Best President, worst president is left to historians and is not based on popularity, ideology ,or party.  Presidents are judged on the pros and cons of their administration.  The Bush administration was the most incompetent administration ever in domestic and foreign policy.  The Bush administration's is known to be secretive, devious, and incompetent.  Let me count just a few of the ways.

1)      Dick Cheney secret energy policy

2)      Over 200 days of e-mails that were requested by congressional investigating committee vanished.

3)      Selecting Harriet Miers to be a Supreme Court judge nominee, with Alberto Gonzales as a second choice.

4)      As a category five hurricane struck out shores, the president was attending John McCain's birthday party, leaving shortly after that to attend a GOP fundraiser in San Diego.  This president had to be shown a DVD of the nightly newscasts showing the hurricane devastation.  The president showed his support four days later.

5)      The GOP congressional investigations gave the Bush administration, an “F” for their response during Katrina.


The Republican convention revealed all ,because three things were scarce at that convention.  The mention of Bush, the word Republican, or solutions for our economic woes.As Joe Biden "Their silence was deafening."