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Timeout is what the Houston Rockets call when the Spurs get a 10 point lead, but to suspend your campaign because your presence is needed in Washington? I guess a political speech at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting this morning does not count.

Congress and  the Bush Administration have been working for five days on a bipartisan consensus for that $700 billion rescue plan. I wonder how those lawmakers feel, now that John McCain has injected presidential politics into the mix.  John McCain is not on any committee addressing this problem; he hasn’t even cast a vote since April of this year.  The New York Times is reporting that this bill will be done shortly, probably before John McCain goes to Washington..The Democratic House leadership is on board, but as of yesterday, getting 100 Republicans to vote for the measure will be difficult. Perhaps John McCain is forced to go to Washington to act as a whip.  Personally, I think this is just another of John McCain’s stunts he uses when he gets behind.

The John McCain campaign has used many stunts throughout this campaign.  Remember that gasoline tax holiday he proposed, knowing full well that the measure would never pass, but the plan had  the potential to fool a few voters.  Then Barack Obama started pulling ahead during the convention, forcing John McCain to throw a Hail Mary pass by picking Sarah Palin to be his running mate.  This was by all accounts a brilliant move to energize his campaign..The two-week shelf life of a VP pick ended, then the economic crisis hit.  Time for another political stunt.

John McCain started a week by saying that the economy was fundamentally sound,  then being against bailouts before supporting them, then he reverted back to be in a regulator when he saw the country wanted regulation and oversight.  His biggest mistake was calling for the firing of FCC Chairman Christopher Cox.  A few hours later his campaign told him that the Constitution would not allow the president to fire the SEC Chairman. John McCain came out and said Mr. Cox was a good man. Even thou Barack Obama did not provide any solutions to the current economic crisis he did not go into a panic mode.

  This morning Lindsey Graham told CNN that John McCain is proposing that Friday’s debate should take the place of the VIP debate scheduled for October 2th…. Was this the plan all along since Sarah Palin is not ready? If Barack Obama was needed in Washington; Joe Biden could step in and do both debates and still go on the campaign trail.