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The right has been groaning, moaning, and they are outright angry because President Obama blamed America and Europe for what he called “the drift” in the transatlantic alliance in recent years. Sean Hannity said the speech was proof of Obama’s “deep resentment of America.” Howard Kurtz (host of CNN’s reliable sources) said Hannity omitted the second part is speech where Obama told the crowd that they showed an anti- Americanism, when the Europeans chose to blame Americans for much of what is bad. The speech in proper context:

The president said. “In America there is failure to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world,” “they have been times when America showed arrogance and has been dismissive, even divisive.” Obama told a crowd that Europe had shown “an anti- Americanism that is at once casual but can also be insidious.” He ended his remarks by saying “I’ve come to Europe to renew our friendship.” The right- wing got used to the cowboy diplomacy of George W. Bush, so they were comfortable with the “either your with me, or against me” approach. Today, president Obama is emphasizing that our country is not at war with Muslims and this is comforting to the moderate Muslims. This approach, contradicts the right wing mindset, who wants to wipe them all out, and then let God sort it all out. According to a recent ABC/WaPO poll, 81% believe it’s important for Obama to try to improve U.S. relations with Muslim nations, but only 58% think mainstream Islam is a peaceful religion. He has a lot of work to do.

Yesterday, Newt Gingrich told Chris Wallace, that the United States should have preemptively attacked North Korea with an electromagnetic pulse rather, than let them launch an experimental communication satellite. It’s relatively easy calling for preempted attack, if you’re not going to be held responsible for its consequences. North Korea has a million man force with nukes, and a madman as their leader.

John Harwood (columnist York Times) used a football analogy to describe Obama’s G-20 summit strategies. The president was not going to convince France and Germany to do more stimulus because they were already tapped out, but like a good football team he kept making first downs. He got France to take one prisoner from Guantanamo, and assured the other 19 members that we were not going to try to install a Jeffersonian democracy in Afghanistan.

Will president Obama’s foreign trip be a big success? Only time will tell, because this trip is mainly about letting the other countries know that the United States has a new sheriff; who will listen.