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The “Joe the plumber”, Sarah Palin and Ron Paul wing of the Republican Party took to the streets a couple of nights ago to stage a national anti-Obama, anti-taxes and pretty much an anti-federal government rally. In fact our governor made the headlines by hinting cession, then after a little media heat, he stared putting out “taken out of context” press releases.

Bill OReilly tried to distance Fox News from the rally to no avail. Fox sent out it’s top guns like Sean Hannity,Glen Beck and Neil Cavuto to host some events.They were the only network to carry the rallies live. I watched as Sean Hannity spoon fed “Joe the plumber” his red meat to gin up the Atlanta flock. The flock ate up the Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and socialist rhetoric. Sean Hannity said his crowd represented those taxpayers who were tired of paying 35%-60% of their paychecks on taxes. That’s funny according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, the federal bite for the average American taxpayer is 9.1%....95% of that crowd got a tax cut. Didn’t we just have a presidential campaign?

The rallies were a great exercise for people to exercise their right to a peaceful assembly but little else. We did find that Rick Perry is no longer a viable (if he ever was) national candidate since his words landed him in the camp of the fringe right. The Republican candidates for governor has one thing in common...Both were cheerleaders.