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Despite the constant barrage of negativity from the Washington Times, New, York Post, Wall Street Journal (editorial page), Fox News talking heads, 400 talk radio hosts, right-wing blogs and the tea parties; a new poll by The Washington Post, 69 percent of those surveyed approved of Obama’s job performance. Majorities also approved of his handling of health care, global warming, taxes and Cuba; 38 percent disapproved of his handling of taxes and the federal deficit; and 53 percent opposed how he has dealt with big U.S. automakers. “About three-quarters of Americans see Obama as a ‘strong leader,’ as ‘honest and trustworthy,’ as empathetic and as someone who can be trusted in a crisis,” the Post reported. “Six in 10 said he is in sync with their values, and nearly as many rate him a good commander in chief.”

This snapshot might boost consumer confidence and cause the GOP a little bit of misery but it is not an indicator for the next crucial months. It does prove that Americans are not embracing the conservative ideology as much anymore, because 59% said that government intervention has or will boost the nation’s economy. Most of the country has moved away from Ronald Reagan’s “the government is the problem.”I guess that’s because today, only 21% identify with GOP. The poll also stated that 62% see Obama’s views as “just about right” as far as ideology goes, despite the GOP push back.

Chrysler and GMC might make President Obama hit a few bumps in the road this week because only 40% agree with the way he handed the auto crisis. The release of the CIA memos might have some blow back because only 51% believe we should have any kind of investigation.

Despite the administration's "aw shucks" attitude,I am betting they feel pretty good about themselves but a lot of work has be done.They cannot rest on their 100 days laurels.