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Perhaps Mr. Tasin was compelled by the recent right-wing blog articles urging their readers to call their representatives and urging them to vote against giving homosexuals protective status under the “Hate Crimes” legislation. They called it a trending doomsday; for traditional conservative Americans. Yesterday,the house passed the legislation 249-187 with the help of 18 Republicans. The bill will now move to the senate for debate. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) tried to make a rational statement by saying “We do not have any evidence of hate crimes against any individuals or a gender identity...If he would have said “besides the one this bill is named for (Matthew Sheppard), or very few incidents; then he would have made a good case. Rep. Virginia Foxx took the cake by calling the “Matthew Sheppard murder” a hoax and merely a robbery gone badly. Matthews’s mom was in attendance…Ms. Foxx should have read the available court transcripts because Matthew Shepherd was definitely targeted because his sexual orientation.

One poster has made the gay issue a liberal/conservative one ;without any facts. I think it is a human issue..... President Obama’s views are often misrepresented on this issue..While he is against gay-marriage, he is for Civil Unions…Civil Unions is gay-marriage without the church definition of a traditional marriage. .....President Obama is against a constitution amendment banning gay-marriage and that is where the difference lies.