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The Republican Party should replace the elephant with Chicken Little as their symbol. All I ever hear coming from conservatives is how bad the Obama administration is doing yet, they have not convinced the public that they have a plan or solution to our problems. Did anyone notice the health care plan of the Democrats vs. the GOP? The Democrats had three different plans but the GOP was single spaced without a dollar figure on cost. As Charlie Rangel told Jim DeMint(R -SC) “you don't have a plan, you have an idea.”I've got to admit they do stay on message (talking points) like Socialist, government run health care, and the poorly run, Amtrak and Postal service will be inserted at some point. The democrats are starting to fight back e.g. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) introduced a politically-targeted amendment forcing Republicans to vote "yes" or "no" on continuing Medicare, the government-run health care program for seniors, on the 44th anniversary of its enactment, needless to say, not one Republican voted, no. Next year I can say I will be on a single-payer government run health care program called Medicare. Many of my friends like their government run VA and Medicare….In fact I like the idea I can write my aunt Julie in California, a letter for 44 cents and I am pretty darn sure she will get it in three or four days. That's the problem; for 30 years the followers of Ronald Reagan have belittled the federal government to where it is taken as a corrupt, incompetent entity; only being capable to dole out checks to defense contractors..

The media took off and blew Treasury Secretary's Geithner's words out of context by saying “the Obama administration will raise taxes on the Middle class” After giving a positive review of the economy, Mr. Geithner was asked if Obama would have to renege on his promise not to raise taxes on the middle class. Speaking on the point of deficit reduction being a priority, Mr. Geithner said “People have to understand that we will have to bring down the deficit.” George Stephanopoulos tried to insist that taxes would have to be raised but the secretary said “We're not at that point right now, but this administration will do whatever is necessary to bring down the deficit. Earlier on “Meet the Press”, Larry Summers, told David Gregory that the American people should be happy we are having a discussion on the deficit and health care reform because Bush passed two tax cuts and Medicare Part D without a discussion. This afternoon, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that he is positive that the Obama administration will not raise taxes on the middle-class. This administration is not stupid because they know the consequences of those famous words of George H. W. Bush “read my lips, no new taxes.”

I was surprised to see Michelle Malkin as one of George Stephanopoulos guest yesterday, because he doesn't give a venue to the wing nuts. Michelle was there to plug her book “Culture of Corruption”, no it is not about Halliburton or the Bush Administration; it is about the newly formed Obama Administration. I'm sure it will be a must read for the wing nuts. Michelle's first comment about the “Tea Party Movement” being a counterinsurgency in opposition to Obama's health care plan was pretty much ignored by the rest of the panel. It was her answer to the extension of unemployment benefits that drew criticisms from the entire panel. Michele said that workers would just hold out until the last week of their benefits. Unemployment is at 9.5%, there are no jobs, and for every 20 jobs offered 6,000 will apply. That's the reason she belongs on Hannity and Glenn Beck…Speaking of Glenn Beck, this morning; in just fifteen minutes, I heard him say the “Cash for Clunkers” was a program that allowed the government to seize all of the dealership and consumer records, a call for “drill baby drill” and all that was after an interview with Michelle Malkin.

In the meantime we can just discount the Dow being at 9,277(right now) stocks being at the highest levels since November, manufacturing improving, the Treasury price dropping, and most of all, Alan Greenspan saying that he is quite certain that the recession has bottomed out…You see the right wants the economy to fail, so they can win an election