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The Tea Baggers, Birthers and other right-wing groups are being bused to Democratic town hall meetings trying to achieve what they failed to do at the polls. They are doing what comes naturally, by shouting out prepared talking points and drowning out any health care questions of legitimate attendees. This is the same tactic used in the Miami 2000 presidential re-count""Brooks Brothers Riot," when dozens of "local protesters," actually mostly Republican House aides from Washington, chanted "Stop the fraud!" and "Let us in!" when the local election board tried to move the re-counting from an open conference room to a smaller space. The recount was eventually shut down. was planning to counter the mob at the town hall meetings but the president is trying to talk them out of it. The administration seems to think photographing, taping and exposing the protesters as thugs for the conservative lobbyist group Freedom Works will allow the American people see them for what they really are. Several are local heads for the Tea Partiers or other right-wing activist groups. The administration might be relying on a recent Gallup poll that showed that Through June of 2009, the number of states with solid Democratic and solid Republican advantages in party identification remains unchanged from 2008 but their poll show 30 states blue and only 4 red so far in 2009…. Aside from the District of Columbia, Massachusetts now ranks as the most Democratic state in the nation, while Utah and Wyoming continue to be the most Republican….I was totally surprised (with some doubts)that in Texas 42% identify themselves as Democrats and 40% as Republicans.The president's job approval increased to 56% from a low of 53%.. It's a don't rock the boat ,with a tit for tat strategy.

I think the strategy of allowing the mob to disrupt is risky because of all the misinformation that is already out there but Obama has a history of reeling in the disrupters ,as he did in the 2008 election. Code Pink is a left-wing protesting group but they wear their distinguished pink and the media ignored them.

I understand and usually admire hard ball politics but I would be totally embarrassed if a political organization I was associated with; resorted to thuggery. Not so for House Minority Leader John Boehner's (R-OH) office, because he is now applauding this turn of events. The democrats should not bar the protesters but instead make sure security does not let things get out of hand.

I allow all the disparaging remarks aimed at me or my thoughts but I do not feel the need to go on the blogs of others just to post a mean-spirited message. This blog gives me the opportunity to state my mind, but I do not have any illusions that most will agree, in fact quite the contrary. I know the ideology of my birthplace. Every now and then I get a civil rebuttal, so it’s not all bad.