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The media was supposed to back off Sarah Palin and her family, since she said she was leaving the limelight and no longer a target. I was fine with that, yet she took advantage of that, when she put this on her Face Book “"The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society', whether they are worthy of health care," the former Republican vice presidential candidate wrote……. This is an example of her injecting her child and her parents into the spotlight to perpetuate a lie. The “living will clause” in H.R. 3200 actual states on page 425 “ at least once every five years you may choose to receive Advanced Care Planning assistance paid for by the government. And if you have a serious illness between available consultations an additional consultation would be available to you free of charge, if you desire…..The “kill granny” tactic, is a lie… Several republican legislators have been using this tactic on the house floor.

Tort Reform is a GOP favorite because it is targeted at lawyers… Lawyers normally contribute heavily to the Democratic Party. According to a study by Americans for Insurance Reform Eliminating medical malpractice claims will result in negligible health care savings while increasing errors and their costs.

Currently there are three Health Care Reform proposals in the House of Representatives and two in the Senate. Universal Health Care it is not a component of any of the five proposals. Single -payer (Medicare and Medicaid) insurance is not part of any proposal. The public option is hanging on a thread because of cost and the president's insisting on a bipartisan bill. … The republicans will always start their sentence, with “we do not want government run Health Care.” I got a kick out of one of the many videos of a town hall meeting in Arkansas. A protester stood up and asked “how many of you want socialize medicine” just about everyone stood up with raised hands, at that point the representative asked “how many of you are on Medicare, Medicaid, or on a VA plan” about 75% raise their hands. The representative was not advocating socialized medicine but you have to bring the kindergarten mentality up to at least the first grade before proceeding. All federal employees (including the representatives) are covered by private insurance companies but the Republicans tend the leave out the part about the government paying for 75% of the cost.

What is the real reason for the protests? It can't be about Health Care Reform because the issue is rarely discussed. The mentality of the Obama supporter is being questioned, as if we did not follow the primaries where over 34,000,000 energetic voters participated in. Health Care Reform was a big issue for democrats while being the most conservative, tax breaks for the corporations, and social issues were big for GOP candidates. The use of threats, swastikas, and other Nazi imagines riled the anger of the anti- Defamation League and holocaust survivor, Abraham Foxman. I think that a lot of the protesters are just skirting the issue.

I understand that the 80% of Americans have some kind of Health Insurance, and they don't want that jeopardized, just to incorporate the other 20% without insurance. They may not see that without Health Care Reform; we can't even begin to talk about Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid reform. They are all interconnected. The insurance companies will be the winners in any of the five plans because they will get at least 30,000,000 new customers. The American consumer will be the winner when the insurance company will have to accept all preexisting conditions and portability. The last I heard, September 15th is the deadline for a bipartisan bill. If the democrats have to go it alone with 51 votes (reconciliation) in the senate, then the bill would be watered- down because of parliamentary procedure. e.g. Budgeting catastrophic illnesses would require 60 votes.. President Obama will only sign the bill that is presented to him, so the protesters should direct their anger to the committee members because they're the ones steering the ship. That shouldn't be too hard to do because the leaders of these committees represent small states like Montana, Iowa, Wyoming and North Dakota.

This week two American journalist were freed from a North Korean prison, unemployment came down by 0.1%, the market did fairly well, we killed an important Taliban leader, so it is not all gloom and doom but I still say if you have a point ,back it up with documented facts instead of exaggerations, half -truths or outright lies....This week reveled the true party and ideological line of the so-called moderates "I don't listen to Rush,I vote for Republicans and Democrats,I don't view right-wing sites,and I look at both sides of the issue; local posters." Gotta love comment history..That's a good thing....:-)