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From the outset of the interview, MSNBC's Chris Matthews would not allow Tim Phillips, president of the “American for Prosperity, insurance lobbyist to use clichés or talking points, which led to a very productive interview. Mr. Phillips did not want any part of the public option, but he thought that Health Care Reform was necessary and he thought allowing insurance companies to compete statewide would be a better option. Mr. Matthews came up with a great analogy for the healthcare issue. He asked Mr. Phillips what they would do if they were successful in attacking the democratic healthcare plan causing Mr. Obama to fumble. Chris Matthews went onto say; if they fell on the ball and took possession, they would do nothing about Health Care Reform because the profits are too great. He went onto say Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and the Republican Congress have never brought up Health Care reform issues. Mr. Phillips was speechless because every word was true, it is not their issue. According to SEC filings in the years 2000 to 2007, the insurers' profits have gone from $2.4 billion to $12.7 billion. During that same period, the uninsured have gone from 38.4 million to 45.7 million. You do not have to feel too sorry for the insurance companies because the CEO one of the largest insurance companies is making over $102,000 an hour. Capitalism is great but if profits are going up at that rate, why are our insurance premiums increasing? Why are claims being denied? If Congress does not act, the rising cost of insurance will continue by about 10% each year, 14,000 people will lose their insurance each day, about a million will go into bankruptcy because of medical costs, and our companies will continue to lose their competitive edge.

The democrats have to take the blame for being caught flatfooted at the town hall meetings without a single plan that they could hang their hat on. The house and the senate should have agreed or disagreed in whole, on the public option before the August recess. After watching the president's town hall meeting in New Hampshire, it's pretty obvious that the public option will not be a sticking point. I don't know why people have to invoke NAZI Germany into every issue or argument. The holocaust should not be politicized and to suit one's private agenda. The protesters were not like the followers of Martin Luther King because they were the aggressors, not the ones being beaten with billy clubs , hosed down and being dragged to jail for civil disobedience, such as standing up for their civil rights. Freedom of speech and freedom to assemble were never in question, so I don't know why anyone would want to invoke those horrific events with simple town hall meetings that got out of hand and exploited by the media. I think the protesters are anti-government, anti-taxes and anti-Obama because health care reform questions are never asked.A Machiavellian mindset.. How ironic, a protester was hurt the other day in St. Louis, now he is asking for donations to pay his hospital bill. He does not have health insurance.

There is so much spin out there, and it's hard to tell truth from fiction such as this enemy list that the White House is promoting. I've heard several people gleaming with pride because they seem to think someone will report them to the White House. How vain. President Obama followed the Clinton war room style whereby James Carville and Paul Begala would debunk false claims put out by the Bush supporters in a matter of hours. During the last presidential campaign, Obama put up a fact checking website to debunk all false charges put out by the McCain team. Linda Douglass, communications director for the White House Office of Health Reform, said today on Washington Unplugged, but it is not collecting personal information or compiling any sort of "enemies list" as some have suggested.

"What we're trying to do is create a place where people can go to get the facts," Douglass said. "People out there, in a way, are citizen journalists... so we just want to arm them with information."

The anti-Health Care reform folks are using universal healthcare, single payer Health Care, death panels, government ran Health Care, and my favorite “rationing” to try and scare the voters. Truthfully, Nancy Pelosi might introduce a single- payer healthcare plan that will be defeated, the liberal base probably wants a universal single payer healthcare plan, but they will be disappointed. That's why the healthcare proposals are polling badly; liberals don't want the water- downed version either.

Don't let these terms fool you. Universal health care: just means everyone will be covered private, government or hybrid. Rationing: just means “denial of claim”…. That's private insurance today. Single- payer: means just that, usually the government like Medicaid & Medicare. Government run Health Care…: Medicare just pays the bills to private doctors & hospitals. Japan and the UK have government run Health Care. A death panel does not exist.

I'm glad reasonable republicans such as Senator Johnny Isakson(R-GA),, who actually wrote the “living will clause in the bill” said "in the last 60 days of life, an individual is not in the capacity of making decisions for themselves, so rather than get into a situation where the government makes those decisions, in those situations, if everyone had an end of life directive, and they could direct what would happen in an event." Even Peter King (R-NY) denounced the death panel term. When George Stephanopoulos told Newt Gingrich that a death panel was not in any of the current bills, Newt was stunned that someone had questioned him, so he backed off but not without saying “can we trust the government.” If that were true, why would we need representatives, can't we just submit a laptop programmed to say no to everything?

I'll be glad to when we get back to having reasonable debates without all the name- calling, hyperbole and flat out lies. There are so many myths to correct like Medicare benefits cuts, AARP always being on the side of Democrats, and all the lies being created every day.