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After listening to the reasons the protesters gave for demonstrating, reading a few comments from the bloggers, and a hearing the different versions for protesting from the pundits, I have come to the conclusion that as a whole, we're skirting the issue. Health Care reform solutions are rarely mentioned. If the democrats were to eliminate the “living will” clause, the public option, or a clause barring a universal or single payer bill from being introduced in the next 10 years, the protesters will still show up at the town hall meetings and the republicans would still be a “no show” on Health Care Reform.

The town hall meetings remind me of the safety meetings we used to have; it was just a rant session about everything but safety. The anti- government protesters are really anti-tax protesters. That's pretty easy to do since President Eisenhower installed the interstate system, FDR gave us Social security, and LBJ chipped in with Medicare. Today the infrastructure needs repair and the entitlements need an overhaul, so the taxpayers have to pick up the bill. The tax protesters know it's not popular to attack those items, so they use a straw man argument like, welfare, wealth redistribution, and socialist agenda, in trying to drum up new recruits for their cause. I have listened to the stories of the tax protesters for over 30 years. This one co-worker even bought a $400 book that was supposed to detail a constitutional way of avoiding taxes. The author of that book ended in Federal prison for tax evasion. My friend avoided the same course, after Human Resources warned him of the consequences of falsifying an official document, like a W4. My friend only had two dependents but listed nine exemptions to avoid income tax being withheld. I imagine he's in lockstep with the protesters. They should have protested against waste, fraud, bail outs, and accountability.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell interviewed the young lady that approached Senator Arlen Specter, to complain about the socialist direction this country is going in. Lawrence O'Donnell admitted that he thought Social Security and Medicare were good socialist programs but did she want to repeal the programs. It was obvious she was caught off-guard, but she went ahead and said yes she would. The town hall meeting should be a two- day event, with the first day set aside to educate the participants, on the very basics of the issue, parliamentary procedure, and the players and their agendas..

It was disappointing to hear Senator Grassley of Iowa, pandering to the base, by a telling them that they should fear the “kill granny” provision in the bill. He had a major role in forming the senate bill, so he should know better. It seems like Senator Grassley is going to abandon his bipartisan position, for political purposes. The senator is up for reelection next year.

Every debate should have a few rules…..IMO (1)… State your agenda (we all have one) (2)……Provide sources (3)……Be concise as possible.