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The Republican Party can read the tea leaves; the Democratic Party will pass Health Care Reform; their mission is to get what they can, by muddying the waters with scare tactics. The tactics have worked with those seniors that were already skeptical of the government and those that were totally misinformed. The representatives leading the false “kill granny” provision charge actually voted or have approved of an end of life directive that is in the current Medicare Part D, bill and Medicare.....In 2003, 204 republicans voted for the Medicare Part D“End of Life directive”, in the house and 42 republican senators voted for it in the senate. George W. Bush was never accused of establishing death panels. Current proponents of that clause in the current house version like Senator Chuck Grassley and House Majority leader John Boehner voted “yes “for provision in the Medicare Part D legislation. In April of 2008, then Governor Sarah Palin, signed a proclamation declaring a “Healthcare Decision Day.” She cited the importance of the need to plan for Health Care decisions related to the end of Life Care. Palin's partner in deception, Newt Gingrich, once praised the Health System of Lacrosse Wisconsin because of their efforts in having 90% of their patients sign an advance directive. Gingrich went onto say that Gunderson delivers care at 30% lower than the national average, and if their methods we're used with the 44.5 million Medicare beneficiaries, Medicare could save more than $33billion a year. That $2.5 billion provision might be stricken from the final bill because it really does not have a bearing on the effectiveness of Health Care Reform; it is just fodder for the scare tactics.

Although his methods may be considered rude and obnoxious, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell continues to bring on conservative republicans in an effort to expose them for their hypocrisy. Yesterday's target was Representative John Culberson(R-TX). Mr. O'Donnell went straight for the juggler, on the socialize medicine, talking point. Mr. Culberson had to admit that Social Security and Medicare were indeed socialist programs. He admitted, he might have voted for Social Security but he would have to go back and research Medicare, before he could give a definite answer. I'm guessing the representatives do not have to know history or government before being elected in office, by their constituents. I’m also thinking if he opposed Medicare ,his conservative constituents would vote him out of office.

Representative Stephen Buyer(R-ID) knows that by the middle of next week, the skeptical seniors will realize that they are on a single payer government run Medicare and the “kill granny” scare tactic was a hoax, so he is prepared to use the third bullet in this debacle by going after the veterans. Representative Buyer sent out a letter stating that “Major veterans' organizations are speaking out against several provisions within the proposed House version of the national health care reform plan that could adversely affect veterans and their families.” Congressman Joe Sestak (D-PA), retired United States navy rear admiral and the highest former ranking military officer serving in Congress said “Section 202 prohibits the Health Care reform bill to affect VA benefits and their dependents.” Congressman Sestak went onto say that 265,000 veterans and their dependents that were above the $34,000 threshold limit ,were removed from the rolls of the VA in 2003 , without much fanfare from the republicans but Obama's new budget will restore many of those same veterans and their dependents back into the system. As of today, 500,000 veterans and their dependents have been removed.

It's going to be an interesting for President Obama because the oil lobbyist will apply the same tactics for any alternative fuel bill that is proposed. The reactive Republican Party, will continue to use their fear mongering methods because they do not have any acceptable solutions other than status quo.