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The results of this poll are a good reason, the White House needs to step up and fight this misinformation war.

According to yesterday's NBC/Wall Street Journal poll: 1…55% of Americans believe illegal immigrants will gain coverage to health care…72% of Fox viewers believe that while only 41% of CNN/MSNBC viewers think that. 2….54% of Americans think that a bill will lead to government takeover….73% of Fox viewers believe that while only 39% of CNN/MSNBC viewers think that. 3… 40% of Americans think the taxpayer dollars will go to pay for abortions …69% of Fox viewers think that while only 40% of CNN/MSNBC viewers hold that position. 4…30% believe any bill will lead to “kill granny” ….75% of Fox viewers still believe that while only 30% of CNN/MSNBC viewers believe that.

The White House needs to forget a certain segment of the population because “facts” will never trump “feelings.” I can't imagine trying to convince those people that Blue Cross and Blue Shield started out as a not-for profit CO-OP and they are a basically a CO-OP today. That is the reason they will fight tooth and nail to maintain that status while continue reeling in the government subsidies…There are about 18 different ways to implement a “Public Option”, trying to explain that would take the next four years. It won't be easy Mr. President because Fox News is kicking some serious butt; when it comes to cable show ratings. On any given night, they could have 2,291,000 viewers while CNN and MSNBC combined, equal 1,529,597 viewers. The president will never make headway with the Fox viewers because the poll shows, most of the country has moved away from the death panel myth but 75% of the viewers of Fox still believe it. Those people like to have their ears tickled. Then again this blog is not about Fox News but it does shed a little light on the subject.

It is obvious that the GOP does not want reform because of now they will not support a public option or a CO-OP; citing government take over. We all know a republican will never go for an employer penalty (raising taxes) and they will use the same line for employee mandate. The only bi-partisan bill that has a chance is S 334 Wyden-Bennett, that will be a Universal Health Care Plan using the tax code. About six republican senators on are on board with that plan. It does have some good features but see for yourself…I provided the far right think tank site (Heritage Foundation) for your connivance.

Jon Stewart brought it home last night when he showed a segment of two people being arrested at a George W. Bush rally, and put in jail for wearing “Anti-Bush” tee shirts to protest the “war of choice.” He fast forwarded to 2009 showing a protester sporting an AR 15 while protesting “Health Care Reform. As I see it the protesters started with a single armed protester in New Hampshire, they then graduated to about twelve armed protesters in Phoenix, so the next rally has to trump that. Perhaps, trucks load of fertilizer with detonators?