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Even an old die-hard like me, cannot see a pennant or even a wild card for the Houston Astros this year.

I can see keeping Michael Bourn, Roy Oswald, Lance Berkman, Hunter Pence, and Wandy Rodriguez but as far as the rest of the team, back up the truck and have a fire sale.

The Astros need three more starting pitchers if Brad Norris is the real deal, a string of relievers, a new second baseman, left fielder and a short stop. If Miguel Tejada still agrees to play third next year; that is worth considering. Some in the organization say that Jason Castro will be given the chance to be the starting catcher next year.

Cecil Cooper has to be replaced with someone that understands pitching. Cooper wore out the pitching corps this year; not all his fault with the old tired arms he had…I think Brad Ausmus would be an excellent candidate because he could help the young Castro next year and he knows the game. I know Brad Ausmus does not have the managerial experience but Jose Cruz could help in that area; as his bench coach.

I want to rebuild in place…What do you think?