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It was a lot easier keeping up with the right- wing fringe groups back in the nineties. We had the Republic of Texas militia, but they dispersed after the Oklahoma bombing. I just heard of a new one called “tenthers”, a radical secessionist group. Their official name is the Texas Nationalist Movement. They even have a gubernatorial candidate named Debra Medina. Now there is the “Birthers,” who do not want to accept a black president; the Tea Party group is just a mixed bag of gripers, the “Deathers” think president Obama has a plan to kill old people and this new group just hates the United States.

I have to admit these groups are loud and they know how to get media attention. They're making an impact because they have not been unopposed, but mainly because the Democratic Party did not take them seriously, at first. I listened to Congressman Jim Moran's town hall meeting that he hosted with Howard Dean last night. At first the crowd was very rowdy and rude until security restored order. Congressman Moran divided the questions among those that opposed and those that were for Health Care Reform. Those that opposed reform kept asking the same question, “Why can't we have the same insurance as you do, Congressman Moran.” The congressman gave the same answer three different times by saying “I choose from 30 different private insurance companies and the government pays about 72% of my cost.” This illustrates the public option but the naysayers did not want to hear it. Howard Dean admitted that tort reform would not be in this bill because it would upset another special interest group, and they have already upset enough of them. Mr. Dean said we should never socialize prescription drugs because those companies need to make a profit to fund the next wonder drug.

I'm not a big fan of Nostradamus, but I can see the same tactic being used to try to equate President Obama with anything that is evil, like Nazism. I referred to it as the old trivia game called “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” logic. They both have an “A” in their first name so that might tie Obama to Hitler and his middle name is Hussein. 64 million people did not buy that argument in the last election. They're calling him a Marxist but the previous administration was applying the same tactics trying to keep this economy from going over the cliff. The Obama Administration did not nationalize the banks as some economist wanted, in fact, for all practical purposes; they are following in the same footsteps that led to the bubble. The Obama Administration continues to follow the same Patriot Act and domestic spying program carried out and started by the Bush Administration. The protesters were not active back then.

I will never understand why a middle- class taxpayer would want a Plutocracy style of government. Those same taxpayers are scared of their own shadow. Every week is Obama scare week, afraid that he is going take their guns, their third born child, kill their grandparents, and drive us into a depression, although his policies prevented us from going over that cliff the previous administration drove us to.

I appreciate the Victoria Advocate editorial board for its article debunking the NAZI comparison. The article will just go over the head of the fringe right, but it might enlighten that wavering moderate.