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While exiting the 9:00 mass at Our Lady of Victory, I couldn't help noticing a man at the bottom of the stairs holding a homemade cardboard sign that read “Obama is a baby killer and Catholics that voted for Obama are also baby killers.” I thought about turning on my cell phone to take a picture of him but like many of my fellow parishioners that preceded me, I simply ignored him, but I got his misguided message.. I doubt the church endorsed that individual because abortion was not the subject of the day, and I have never heard of a case where the church called its followers “baby killers” because of their voting preference.

If I never had a chance to sit down and have a cup of coffee with the individual that held up the sign, I would recognize his devotion to a noble cause because it was cold; so his dedication is to be admired. I would question his motives because all presidents will uphold Roe vs. Wade. And as for Catholics supporting a pro life presidential candidate, are we supposed to be a single issue voter? What's next, a voting booth for republicans, democrats, and a special one for Catholics? How about a presidential ticket of Senator Ben Nelson and Representative Bart Stupak? How far would that get? I wish I was exaggerating but recently the Catholic Bishops used their clout and went to the water's edge of their exemption clause, by pressuring the Catholic representatives in voting for a stronger abortion clause in the recent house Health Care Reform bill. Nancy Pelosi, although pro-choice, even received a call from Rome; it was Cardinal Ted McCormick getting his briefing. At least the lobbyists are registered, and they are not tax exempt. I would end by a telling the sign toter that we should all be thrilled that 47% of Americans now call themselves Pro Life (trending up) 52% think abortion is morally wrong but 64% do not want Roe vs. Wade overturned. And I would also tell him that no one likes in- your- face, and he is just alienating the group he is trying to convince by using exaggerations to support his statement. It's very much like those that try to demonize Planned Parenthood by saying that the organization is trying to target Hispanics and blacks for genocide. The statement is racist because it insinuates that Hispanic and blacks are too stupid to think for themselves and they don't know right from wrong. The statement also insinuates that blacks and Hispanics are just plain gullible. People can see through hyperbole.

This blog is really not about abortion, Catholics politics,although I mentioned all three, but more about using facts and common sense while exercising our freedom of expression.If you have to resort to hyperbole;the facts are probably against you.

*Poll results are from the Dec. 7,2009 issue of Newsweek

*Cardinal influence