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Yesterday, President Obama told the 60 Democratic senators not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Those words are similar to the 80/20 rule I have adopted. Since the Republican Party is a going to vote “no” on every single piece of legislation, it's time for the Democratic Party to think about that catchphrase when they are debating the upcoming issues such as greenhouse emission control, financial reform, Afghanistan, and the entitlements. The art of compromise seems to be lost, especially when it now takes 60 votes just to get a piece of legislation to the floor. What part of the Constitution did that come from?

I am glad the administration has abandoned the idea of trying to debunk all the red meat Fox News, Glenn Beck, Rush, and the others continue to serve on a daily basis, in their effort to try to derail this administration and continue with the status quo. The administration does not have to do a thing because the truth will prevail. The upcoming issues are way too important to be left to hyperbole and outright lies .I.e. The Associated Press, and Politifact have determined that the Climate Gate e-mails were indeed disturbing but the messages don't support that global warming science was faked. The Associated Press examined 1,073 e-mails, how many did Fox News examine? Fox news and Drudge recently made a big deal of a top unnamed official issuing a command-and control threat using the EPA's findings as a way to get the lawmakers on board for Cap-and-Trade legislation. Both sources left out the fact that it was the Bush administration's EPA that led the Supreme Court's decision to curb carbon emissions due to the health problems it caused. I guess Sean Hannity's comments sum up Fox's global warming consensus when he said that global warming was a hoax because it snowed in Houston the other day. A recent Gallup poll revealed that 55% of Americans favor signing a binding treaty in Copenhagen committing the United States in significantly reducing greenhouse gas.

It seems like national politics have become a reality show, where is commonplace to hear a politician stoop to the outrageous just to get a sure spot on the six o'clock news. I don't know why we don't just skip the middleman (congress) and just go straight to the lobbyists to iron out the differences. I understand principles such as fiscal restraint, religious differences and the needs and wants of their constituents but many of these legislators live in Washington, DC and are wined and dined by the lobbyist they really represent. We actually had lawmakers vote against letting consumers by cheaper drugs from Canada. Sarah Palin can stay in the comfort of her home, make a Facebook entry and it will be taken as a credible stance from the opposition party.

In this era of polarization, one single vote in the House or the Senate can be called an overwhelming victory, so “Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”


Sunday's Houston Chronicle page A25