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This week, I have been asking myself this rhetorical question "What am I missing?" The recent New York Times/Street Journal poll had the president's approval at 47% and dropping, the disapproval was 46%. This is a really bad scorecard but fortunately is just a snapshot and not permanent. What was more puzzling to me was the 41% approval for the Tea Party movement. That is higher than the 35% approval for the Democrats and 28% approval for the Republicans. On further investigation, it started to make sense because 76% of the Fox News viewers approved of the Tea Party movement while only about 12% of the Democrats approved. The Tea Party movement is anti-government and libertarian leaning. Make no mistake; this movement will make some noise in the 2010 off year election.

It's pretty hard to escape all the criticism because MSNBC's” Morning Joe” devoted a whole segment of the program by bringing in progressives like Ed Shultz, Howard Dean, and Arianna Huffington to express their frustration with the current Health Care Reform bill, the president's lack of leadership, and other general frustrations as Peggy Noonan and Joe Scarborough sat back and gleefully took it all in. Keith Olbermann and Lawrence O'Donnell have all taken shots at administration this week, as has the Black Caucus. It seems like the left, right and independents are all turning on this administration and its policies. At the risk of being labeled a blind loyalist I will disagree with the majority because I will continue to have the patience to see the stimulus package run its course and I continue to believe that healthcare reform and the economy are interconnected. The bill in its current form is not perfect but if it allows 31 million more Americans to have some kind of health care insurance, portability, does not allow the insurance company to reject for preconditions, does not increase the deficit, and bends the cost curve ; then it will be an accomplishment 10 previous presidents had failed to do. The administration's policy will take its toll at the voting booth in 2010 but 2012 will be a different story if the administration's policies prove to be successful.

I sincerely believe that the frustration of unemployment, uncertainty, fear, and those hoping for failure are the driving forces of the low poll numbers and the gridlock amongst scared Democrats. Peggy Noonan echoed what my conservative friends have been telling me all along when she said "When you're in a hole, quit digging.” I don't disagree with that logic but I think that is just a conservative viewpoint that is being used at this opportune time because they all seem to have forgotten the previous eight years.

I'm fixated on the job situation not short term stimulus deficits because growth and jobs will increase tax revenues; which will be used for deficit reduction. I remembered it took about 20 months before the country was in full unemployment after the 2001 recession. We are slowly recovering but I'm also aware we don't longer have a manufacturing base so the unemployment number will not come down to the single digits for a long time. This morning, a Republican strategist hit the nail on the head when he told David Axelrod “We handed you the keys to hell.”

I think the tea leaves show that the Democrats will lose several seats in the House and the Senate in 2010 but they will not lose their majority control because the alternative is not that great. When you have a major party (GOP) sucking up to a libertarian Tea Party movement, your Republican brand must be in shambles.