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It was not surprising that the Sunday talk shows centered on the Health Care Reform package and its 2010 political implications. Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace tried to paint a picture of a complete change in leadership in the upcoming elections because a recent New York Times/Wall Street Journal poll that stated that only 32% favored the current senate version that will probably be signed into law. I heard a politician say that only 22% favored Medicare as it was going through Congress for passage way back in 1965. Rather than going into the pros and cons of the recent health care bill, I find it amusing that some will say that it is unconstitutional for the Federal government to mandate anyone paying into a private health insurance plan since all persons reaching the age of 65 will go on Medicare and their primary insurance plan will become a secondary; by mandate. It's going to be a very simple strategy, if the job numbers come down ,the democrats can say “Give us a little more time, do you really want to put those guys back in office?” It's funny how Newt Gingrich left himself some wiggle room; when asked if the republicans would run on a platform of repealing the recent health care bill, when he said “Parts of it.” It's hard to run on a platform that will repeal the bill that does away with discrimination on pre- existing conditions, and closing the donut hole that the republicans left in their prescription drug bill.

It didn't take long for republicans to politicize the recent failed airline bombing. Peter King, a republican representative from New York, said he would stand on his bipartisan record when it comes to homeland security but his criticism centered on the lack of grandstanding and the fact that no one from the administration rushed to the microphone to comment immediately after the incident.. The congressman said it showed a lack of concern but conservatives seem to think that everyone needs to act in a certain way; their way. The congressman went onto tie in the goal of the current administration to close Guantanamo, do away with torture, rendition, sending the detainees to the homeland for imprisonment, and not using certain slogans and labels to describe Islamic terrorism, as being weak and naive. Senator Joe Lieberman said we should be more preemptive in our dealings with Yemen. The administration is already going to spend $70, million in the next 18 months to train and equip the Yemeni military and coast guard; is Senator Lieberman really asking for more escalation?

This morning I heard a pundit from Politico say that Conseradems like Blanche Lincoln, Mary Landrieu, and Evan Bayh have sent a letter to the administration asking them to back off on Cap- and- Trade legislation because of the political environment. On the other side of the spectrum, liberals like Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann are urging the president to repeal” Don't ask, Don't tell” and columnist Ruben Navarrette is badmouthing the administration and the democrats for not taking up illegal immigration reform legislation . The economy and jobs will be a priority but this Congress cannot sit on their hands, rest on their laurels, or go into campaign mode until November of 2010. Unlike conservatives, who loathe the government, yet want to be elected to run the government, the democrats cannot continue to kick the problems of today, down the road.