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I really thought the president was fully confident in giving his first national press conference last night.  I have been waiting for a coherent press conference for eight years, so I was delighted with President Obama’s speech last night.  I wish he would have been more direct in answering the question about the ban on media coverage of the coffins arriving at Dover Air Force Base.  In the future he should stay away from questions about Joe Biden’s comments because that will take up too much of his time.

President Obama was not in awe of the press' nor did he view them as the enemy.  The president admitted that demand will be in a hole for $1,000,000,000,000 this year, and another $1,000,000,000,000 next year.  He did not say things will be fine; go shopping.

I was glad he addressed the naysayers comparing the stimulus bill to FDR’s New Deal.  The right wing version of history considered the New Deal a failure despite lowering the unemployment rate from 25% to 15%.  It did have its bad points like discriminatory hiring and too much reliance on government alone.  The New Deal did setup safety nets like Social Security for future recessions.  That is history and we cannot apply 20th century solutions to our 21st century problem because we are in a world financial crisis.

Walter Shapiro of the New Republic ripped Obama’s speech because he used 1,200 words to answer the very first questions about the economy.  Shapiro said his speech did not compare to John Kennedy’s speech who answered 37 questions and 40 minutes.  Obama answered 13 questions in his 1 hour press conference.

Barack Obama will adjust his format as time goes on but  if his first press conference had a severe crisis like the one we are in, I seriously doubt John Kennedy would have used short sound bites to answer the serious questions before him. In a crisis I will take the leadership traits of cool, calm, collective and intelligence like John Kennedy had and Barack Obama has for the day- to- day problem solving.