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It was so refreshing to hear California’s Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger talk about abandoning the ideological battles and come together to solve this crisis.  This republican governor backed up his rhetoric by refusing to sign Grover Norquist’s “no tax pledge.” California recently raised taxes and installed new reforms in order to balance their budget.  Republican Governor Charlie Crist of Florida echoed the same sentiments.  The southern governors who have opposed this legislation are doing it because they currently do not cover part time employees, for the purposes of unemployment payments.  It was a deal they made to lure manufacturing businesses to their state.  The southern governors will gladly take the other 80% of what is allocated to their state.

According to Politico’s Jeanne Cummins, republicans are trying to make a comeback by dusting off their old playbook of 20 years ago.  Erick Cantor is playing the part of Newt Gingrich.  This time around Fox news will come on board with the daily rats of socialism, followed by Drudge, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, and all the wannabes.  Today, the stage is a little different because Barack Obama does not have the bimbo scandals and Michelle is not engaged in major policy matters.  It is hard for the GOP to attack this popular president, so they will go after senate majority leader Harry Reid, speaker Pelosi, and Barney Frank. 

The GOP does not have an answer for our financial problems, so they’re trying to stir up their 30% base by using their familiar scare tactics like” Obama to allow Hamas trained Palestinians into the U.S.” and” Democrats want to enact the Fairness  Doctrine ",even thou the president has said many times that he does not favor that legislation.  Now it is H. R.  45(Obama regime going for privately owned firearms) that has the base all stirred up.  If the base would have checked, they would have found out that this legislation has been brought up since the year 2007 without any support.

 It has a single sponsor, Democrat Bobby Rush of Chicago.  Rush re -introduced this bill on February 9th but it will die a slow death like all the previous times. We have a lot more important issues to solve than this legislation.

Barack Obama is getting criticized for being too negative about the economy, by saying it will take a awhile for things to get better and the situation will continue to get worse, before we show any signs of improvement.  That’s the truth and is quite the opposite approach the previous administration took.  Even though the financial indicators were bad; the previous administration continued to use their talking points to play them down.  The economic crisis did not happen overnight, so it should not surprise anyone that the solutions will be revised to counteract the economic conditions as it happens.Get on board GOP ; keep your principles but drop the idealogical divide.