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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama plans to order that all U.S. combat troops be withdrawn from Iraq by August 2010, administration officials said Tuesday, ending the war that defined his upstart presidential campaign three months later than he had promised. Obama's plan would pull out all combat troops 19 months after his inauguration, although he had promised repeatedly during the 2008 campaign that he would withdraw them 16 months after taking office. That schedule, based on removing roughly one brigade a month, was predicated on commanders determining that it would not endanger U.S. troops left behind or Iraq's fragile security.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday will tell Americans in his first major speech since his inauguration that "we will rebuild, we will recover" from the worst economic crisis in decades.

"What is required now is for this country to pull together, confront boldly the challenges we face and take responsibility for our future once more," Obama will tell a joint session of Congress according to advance excerpts of his speech.

This by no means over because Robert Gates,Generals Petraeus and Odierno are aginst this withdraw.

This is another cut & paste

Petraeus was visibly unhappy when he left the Oval Office, according to one of the sources. A White House staffer present at the meeting was quoted by the source as saying, "Petraeus made the mistake of thinking he was still dealing with George Bush instead of with Barack Obama."

This withdrawal , repealing the Bush tax cuts,sending additional troops Afghanistan is the change he promised….For the skeptics that doubted change…This is big change

Right now I have my doubts that he can cut the deficit in half by the year 2012 and I don't think he should have sent in the additional troops to Afghanistan without a real plan (We have already been through that) but I hope I am wrong.

After the GOP made all those threats of filibustering Hilda Solis ,she was confirmed as Labor Secretary today 80-17...Hello unions.

GOP chairman Michael Steele backing off his threats on cutting off funds from the three Republicans that voted for the stimulus bill.

Barack Obama is going to make his speech feeling good about himself and his party.