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After waiting patiently for over five years, I am ready for the citizens to throw up our hands and say “Enough” lets come together and figure out a way to reform the rising cost of health care.  These costs are crippling our businesses and citizens.  Medicare will go broke in the year 2018, so unless we have reformed health care; we are just spinning our wheels, trying to form a bipartisan committee to tackle Medicare. Entitlements such as Social security, Medicaid, Medicare, along with private insurance, prescription drugs, doctors, hospitals, unions, and foreign competition are all connected when it comes to our high health care cost. Now is the time, especially since today 5 million people are unemployed and over 40 million are uninsured.

The Obama administration proposed $634 billion of the new $3.6 trillion budget to be put in a reserve fund over the next ten years to tackle Health Care reform.  Tax increases on the 2% of our wealthiest, spending cuts, and tax savings in the health care industry will pay for most of the cost, according to the president’s staff.

Democrats are also proposing to cut federal payments to insurers that have private plans under Medicare, that on average have been 14% higher than what the government usually spends on its Medicare patients.  The democrats claim this will save $177 billion over the next 10 years.

The administration’s wants to create generic versions of the biotechnology drugs and is thinking of making upper income seniors pay a higher Medicare premium.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Obama also wants the hospitals to received just one payment to cover the hospital stay and outpatient care for 30 days after.  He would also like to cut payments to hospitals that routinely readmit patients after they are discharged.

The ideas that have been mentioned have their drawbacks, such as research and development funds being scaled back by the prescription drug companies, raising taxes on the wealthiest will leave less money for investments, and government intervention into routine hospital practices.

The Republican Party has to come forward with their ideas in order for this to be a true bipartisan reform.  I’m sure we will hear weeks of squabbling over the same old arguments of socialize medicine, Hillary care, taxes, class warfare, frivolous lawsuits and one –sided gloom and doom stories before the politicians enter the door to hopefully have a meaningful bipartisan solution.

One of the main reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire was the fact that the middle class got tired of paying most of the taxes with nothing to show for it.  Some familiar?