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My democrats are making the swearing in ceremony harder than they need to be.  Illinois Governor Rod Blagovich turned a routine appointment into a Federal investigation by trying to sell the senate seat of president-elect Barack Obama,  Minnesota has a recount battle between Norman Coleman and Al  Franken and Governor Bill Richardson had to step down as Commerce Secretary nominee under a cloud of suspicion in another” pay for play” scandal.I'll leave Caroline Kennedy out of this for now.

Even if Governor Rod Blagovich is innocent of the selling of the senate seat, U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald should have a multiple of charges he can bring against this unpopular governor.  I vacationed in Chicago 2005 and 2008 and everyday; I read stories of the governor’s improprieties such as:

1.       Accepting no bid contracts for contributions

2.       Threatened to revoke funds to the Children’s Memorial Hospital in lieu a $50,000 contribution.

3.       Cronyism

4.       Forcing the state police on to the city police to help curb crime as a publicity stunt.

If Governor Blagovich said Obama campaign did not want to give anything but appreciation and Fitzgerald backs that up “who did he bribe?” Chris Wallace, Brit Hume, and Bill Kristol tried to emphasize this point because they want the democrats to say U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald is an overzealous headhunter because he went after and convicted Scooter Libby.  Democrats are not biting; they continue to say that Patrick Fitzgerald is a great Atty. General.

The first test will come tomorrow morning when the swearing in of the senators begin.  Governor Blago appointed 72 year old Roland Burris, a man with impeccable credentials, but he will have an uphill battle getting seated, because U.S. Senate majority leader Harry Reid vows not to seat anyone Rod Blagovich nominates.  I don’t think Senator Reid has the constitutional powers; especially, since the governor has not been impeached, nor found guilty of any wrongdoing yet.  Perhaps this is a stalling loophole.

The media,  Blago,and congressman Bobby Rush(D-IL) have tried to inject racism, because Harry Reid did not want the governor to nominate Jesse Jackson Jr., Emil Jones Jr., and Danny Davis,(all African Americans) but  consider two white women who could probably win the election in 2010 instead.  Bobby rush does not have much of a case because he supported Obama’s white opponent in the last senate race.  This is more of a diversion than anything else.

It looks like Al Franken will get his senate seat certified because he is leading the recount, but Colman has threatened to sue and john Cornyn will get the republicans to filibuster.

The investigation of Bill Richardson has been going on for some time and I’m quite surprised it got by the “no drama Obama” vetting team.  If Bill Richardson is cleared of all charges, then he will come out the winner because I don’t think he was too enthusiastic about the middle level appointment.  Being governor has to be a lot more challenging.


After I wrote this blog the Minnesota Canvassing Board certified Al Franken and the Washington capitol police may block the entrance of Roland Burriss ,because he has not been certified by the Illinois secretary of state....